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Chet Hanks Has Given An Update On His Parents And Also Become My Personal Voice Of Reason About Coronavirus

Thank you, CHET!

As we all know, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive for COVID-19 AKA coronavirus AKA corona.

this graphic design is telling me to congratulate them

And while all of us were freaking out because, NOT TOM HANKS, their son calmly updated us about his parents.

And now, Tom and Rita have been released from the hospital, but we're all kind of still in the dark about their health.

Lucky for everyone, Chet has returned to update us further and has also become a voice of reason and the only person I will now be listening to about coronavirus.

First, he calmed our nerves about Tom and Rita and explained they were feeling better.

And then he pivoted to reminding us all to stay calm.

And then he went off on people who bought all the toilet paper and water, because yeah, that was shitty!

And then he went all zen on us, and was like, be selfLESS not selFISH.

And in a very direct and calm manner, told us that we are gonna get through this!!!

Honestly, I believe Chet Hanks and I thank him during this time.