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    I Urge You To Look At This Giant-Ass Cow


    Well folks, just when you think you've seen it all, all of a sudden you learn about a giant as heck cow. Seriously, It happened to me!!!

    Please, see this extremely large cow for yourself:

    And no, all those brown cows aren't just extra small. That one cow is just big. Real big!!!!

    Ginormous even.

    This cow, named Knickers, is over six feet tall and resides in Australia.

    It's a REAL BIG COW I'M TELLING YA! Just look at that measuring tape, a lot of the yellow on that thing is showing.

    Here's another pic of this big ol' cow just living its big ol' cow life.

    Clifford is shaking!

    Just imagine the size of that dung!

    Sorry, just had to point out that the dung of that cow is probably plentiful!

    Anyway, now you know about Knickers, the real big cow.

    Enjoy your life! Bye.