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    Che Diaz Is The Worst And This Is Why

    Goodbye Che Diaz.

    Now that it has been several days since the finale of And Just Like That..., I feel it's time to really talk about Che D*az. And why they are...the absolute frickin' worst!!!

    tbh I love that che diaz is real to us. they are real, and they are the worst person we know

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    Before you get mad at me, let me say I was excited for Miranda to become a lesbian. I had a feeling it would happen, and I was right (someone owes me $20). Also, I like Sara Ramirez. But Che? Well, Che objectively sucks.

    Che smiling and saying "What can I say? I'm a fuckin' narcissist"

    They might even suck more than Finley, and Finley really sucks.

    And I am not without reason. There are reasons. And here are those reasons.

    First, Che Diaz is not funny! I don't know what kind of comedy they do. I haven't heard a joke that made me laugh in any of the nine episodes. Not even at the comedy concert.

    me at the che diaz netflix special

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    All we get from Che are "jokes" about how everyone wants to have sex with them and TED Talks about stepping out of the box and into the light, or something like that. I'm not looking for Che to make me belly laugh 24/7, but one laugh would be nice!

    Second, Che Diaz said, "I've done a ton of weed."

    No one who ingests weed in any way/shape/form says they have "done a ton of weed." THAT IS NOT A THING THAT IS SAID. I would've accepted "I was sooooo highhhhh," or "I smoked a lottt of weed," or even "I am weed." I lost a lot of trust in Che when they said what they said.

    But however much weed Che Diaz was on, that is not an excuse for not responding to someone for three months after they told Miranda to DM them!!!! I actually don't even understand why being on weed would prevent them from responding at all. I see no correlation to being on weed and not respondng to someone's DM. People are always on weed while responding to DMs. This is just rude. Che Diaz = RUDE.

    Moving on to more things that are bad about Che Diaz.

    Well, a huge one is that Che Diaz is obsessed with themself!! WHY DID THEY THROW THEMSELF A PARTY TO CELEBRATE GOING TO MAKE A PILOT???

    Miranda meets #CheDiaz grandparents. Nobody is introduced to one another. Then Che does kerokee about pilot season… Classic television

    HBO Max

    That was bonkers!!!!!! And not cute!

    When #CheDiaz starts singing #AndJustLikeThat

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    And honestly, whenever Che Diaz starts speaking, I shrivel up inside. Like, my body is rejecting their presence.

    I know these reasons are getting more vague, but that's because sometimes it's hard to even verbalize why Che Diaz is so bad. They are toxic!

    They got mad at Miranda for stopping by and bringing cookies. Which was actually a nice gesture, even though I think Miranda is brainwashed.

    They didn't tell the person they are supposedly in love with that they are moving to LA, they just rushed Miranda into a chair to find out at the same time as tier-3 friends. I don't care WHAT excuse they gave, that was weird.

    And I blame Che for making Steve sad.

    In conclusion:

    Che Diaz set back LGBT rights 20 years

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    Also, don't forget Che Diaz is not a real person. :) K, bye!!