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Beyoncé Sneaking Up On Chance The Rapper Is The Best Thing

That me.

Chance The Rapper is no stranger to being in the presence of Beyoncé and Jay Z. They go back.

But that didn't stop him from losing it a little at the VMAs.

You see, Beyoncé snuck up on lil' ol Chance backstage while he was getting interviewed.

She rested her holy head on his shoulder.

And then he realized who it was.

And he was fuckin' shook!!!

Then Chance composed himself and the two had their pleasantries.

...but then he went back to fangirling and did a little dance because he just hugged Beyoncé.

Here's the full moment in case you want to really feel alive this morning:

Facebook: video.php

Literally the only other thing that could compete with this moment is Chance dancing like an inflatable car dealership man on the red carpet.

Good luck not loving this guy.