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8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

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1. Niall #humblebragged about his great night.

Great times, great people ! @CalvinHarris @Louis_Tomlinson @edsheeran @taylorswift13 @austinswift7

2. Kelly Clarkson's baby took over as a judge.

Hey @kelly_clarkson.. Is River trying to get my job?

3. Cher made sauce...AGAIN.

Have great day. I'm off to make sauce,ONCE AGAIN ! WE HAD KITCHEN CALAMITY YESTERDAY 😑😀😠😱

4. Anna Kendrick came up with a good idea.

PP3 idea: The Mad Max girls save us from the apocalypse. They are still super hot and kicking ass. We are still singing/otherwise useless.

5. We found out what's under Bruno Tonioli's shirt.

Too hot for TV!! Typical @BrunoTonioli backstage at @DancingABC! #dwts #judgesgonewild

6. Missy Elliot subtweeted someone.

Creative ppl only share your ideas with ppl u trust becuz folks will πŸ‘€ & snatch yo πŸ’© & act like it was their idea!😳 πŸ’―

7. Amy Schumer said yoohoo.

8. And Gabourey Sidibe prepared us all.

If I go to jail, it'll be for murdering this cab driver for whistling along to B.I.G.'s Mo Money Mo Problems. 🎢πŸ”ͺπŸ”¨πŸ’£

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