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    17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    It was 'gram heaven this week.

    1. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran were completely hypnotizing.

    2. Miley was a butterfly.

    3. Reese made up a new #HASHTAG.

    4. Oprah got some truffles.

    5. Drake honored his "tiny hero."

    6. Mindy Kaling was a vision in red.

    7. Beyoncé slayed the hat game.

    8. Chrissy took her dog along for some highlights.

    9. Lady Gaga took a shopping cart selfie.

    10. Justin Bieber was in his ride.

    11. Kim showed off the family height difference.

    12. Jessica Alba had a Dark Angel reunion.

    13. Hilary Duff took a dance squad selfie.

    14. David Beckham was a vision in black and white.

    15. Zach Braff got his workout on.

    16. Zac and "BobbyD" bro'd out.

    17. And Lena Dunham wore cacti on cacti.

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