17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

The Rock took an intense selfie, Miley stuck out her tongue and more!

1. Kim Kardashian showed off little North:

2. Katy Perry wore a glowing dress:

3. Jessy Tyler Ferguson hung out with santa dog:

4. Sarah Jessica Parker built a house:

5. Drake and Drake hung out with Zoe Kravitz:

6. Beyoncé won a bunch of tickets:

7. Justin Bieber had blinding shoes:

8. Miley Cyrus pulled a Miley:

9. Mindy Kaling and friends showed off their cool outfits:

10. Donald Faison got fit:

11. The Rock was very excited (and muscular):

12. Rihanna was a reindeer:

13. Taylor Swift decorated her tree:

14. Ian Somerhalder ate another human:

15. Andy Cohen’s dog watched Real Housewives:

16. Lea Michele shot a music video:

17. And Ryan Seacrest snooped on Macklemore’s texts:

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