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    17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    A+ grams, Hollywood.

    1. Zayn and Louis got their facepaint on.

    2. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy celebrated Halloween in style.

    3. Taylor Swift took in the crowd.

    4. Joe Jonas became his cat.

    5. Oprah hid on a couch.

    6. Drake posted up.

    7. Bieber nerfed up.

    8. Kim had a family reunion.

    9. Miley and Rihanna hung out with Tom Ford.

    10. Ian Somerhalder got cozy with some pups.

    11. Leighton Meester got the lighting just right.

    12. James Franco had tea with a cute dog.

    13. Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham made flower crowns.

    14. Jimmy Fallon showed off his baby ramen.

    15. Jessica Simpson debuted her lob.

    16. Rita Ora was a very pretty princess.

    17. And Jenny Slate let it all be known.