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    Nov 8, 2014

    17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    Drew hit the subway, Beyoncé took to Paris and more!

    1. Drew Barrymore painted her nails on the subway.

    2. Beyoncé posed with the Eiffel Tower.

    3. Joe Jonas met his Zoolander idol.

    4. Leighton Meester wore some comfy PJs.

    5. Reese Witherspoon got her vote on.

    6. Taylor Swift and Lorde drank some OJ.

    7. Drake DJ'd.

    8. Zac Efron was the star of the show.

    9. Oprah worked it out.

    10. And Mindy Kaling worked it.

    11. James Franco took a bald selfie.

    12. Justin Bieber was about to become a daredevil.

    13. Kim helped Kanye get some schmutz out of his eye.

    14. Cara Delevingne got British.

    15. Lindsay Lohan enjoyed her personalized Nutella.

    16. Katy Perry cuddled with some cats.

    17. And Miley Cyrus brushed up.

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