18 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Kim Kardashian debuted baby North West, and more!

1. Kim Kardashian debuted baby North:

2. Miley got cozy with a giant pink bear:

3. Justin bieber hung out with Jay Z and Kevin Hart:

4. Selena Gomez iced her knees on a private jet:

5. Ed Sheeran received this gift from Taylor Swift:

6. Demi Lovato celebrated her birthday in Africa:

7. John Stamos took an underwater selfie:

8. Neil Patrick Harris met a monkey:

9. Shaq sang to us:

10. Zooey and Jake were back together:

11. Lisa Rinna took a bikini selfie:

12. Ian Somerhalder cuddles up to a dog:

15. Kathie videotaped her waxing:

16. Nicki Minaj had a bag full of money:

17. Mindy Kaling took a stacked selfie:

18. And Bar Rafaeli met a very emotional fan:

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