19 Celebrities You Might Not Have Known Did Voice-Overs On “SpongeBob SquarePants”

All of these famous guest stars on SBSP were right under our nose this whole time!

1. Victoria Beckham as Queen Amphitrite:

Mike Marsland / WireImage


Episode: “The Clash of Triton”

2. Dennis Quaid as Grandpa Redbeard:

Joe Scarnici / WireImage


Episode: “Grandpappy the Pirate”

3. Kristen Wiig as Madame Hagfish:


Episode: “The Curse of the Hex”

4. Ray Liotta as Trevor:

Henry S. Dziekan III / WireImage


Episode: “WhoBob WhatPants?”

5. Andy Samberg as Colonel Carper:


Episode: “Hello Bikini Bottom”

6. Amy Poehler as Granny:

Paul Morigi / WireImage


Episode: “Have You Seen This Snail?”

7. Patton Oswalt as Jim the Fry Cook:

Getty Images


Episode: “The Original Fry Cook”

8. Johnny Knoxville as Johnny Krill:


Episode: “Extreme Spots”

9. Dee Snider as Angry Jack:


Episode: “Shell Shocked”

10. David Bowie as Lord Royal Highness:


Episode: “Atlantis SquarePantis”

11. Ginnifer Goodwin as the Teenage Mermaid:

Ethan Miller / Getty Images


Episode: “Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle”

12. Mark Hamill as Moth:


Episode: “Night Light”

13. Alton Brown as Nicholas Withers:


Episode: “House Fancy”

14. Chris Elliot as Lord Poltergeist


Episode: “Ghoul Fools”

15. Biz Markie as Kenny the Cat:


Episode: “Kenny the Cat”

16. Amy Sedaris as Ma Angler:


Episode: “Trenchbillies”

17. Michael McKean as Captain Frostymug:


Episode: “License to Milkshake”

18. Gene Simmons as Sea Monster:


Episode: “20,000 Patties Under the Sea”

19. Johnny Depp as Jack Kahuna Laguna:

Karwai Tang / WireImage


Episode: “SpongeBob vs. The Big One”

Via this Wikipedia page that lists all of the show’s guest actors.

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