22 Celebrities Who Looked Looked Like Completely Different People 10 Years Ago


    1. Kaia Gerber used to be a shorter human when she was 9. Now she's TALLER and 19.

    2. Kiernan Shipka was just a lil' kid with whiskers at 11. Now she's 21.

    3. Sophia Grace used to be child when she was only 8! Now she's an adult and 18!!!

    4. Romeo Beckham was an itsy-bitsy boy. He was 8! Now he's 18.

    5. Nolan Gould was practically a fetus at just 12 years old. Now he doesn't wear shirts and he's 22.

    6. Willow Smith was a smaller human; she was only 11. Now she's 20.

    7. And her brother Jaden was littler; he was just 13. Now he's 23.

    8. Rowan Blanchard was extremely small at only 9 years old. Now she's 19.

    9. Frankie Jonas was a little man at only 10 years old. Now he's a regular man and 20.

    10. Griffin Gluck was once a wittttleee guy. He was 10 years old! Now he's 20 and bigger.

    11. Zendaya was just a young gal at 14 years old. Now she's 24 and less young.

    12. Bindi Irwin was a tweenager at only 12! Now she's 22 and has a child.

    13. Rico Rodriguez was a baby human person. He was 12. Now he's 22.

    14. Karan Brar was a little guy in a big suit. He was 12. Now he's 22 and a bigger guy in a normal suit.

    15. Iris Apatow was a smol little girl. She was 8. Now she's 18.

    16. Gaten Matarazzo was basically an infant in a bunny suit. He was 8! Now he's 18.

    17. Isaac Hempstead Wright was just a boy. Just 12. Now he's 22.

    18. Noah Cyrus was an actual child. 11 years old! Now she's 21.

    19. Chandler Riggs was barely a real human. Just 12 years of age! Now he's 22.

    20. Amandla Stenberg was a tiny person. Just 12. Now she's 22.

    21. Joey King was a lit'ral kid. She was 11. Now she's 21.

    22. And Mason Disick was an actual baby. Like, literally a 1-year-old baby. Now he's 11.

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