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17 Cardi B Tweets About Farts And Vaginas That Deserve Your Respect And Admiration

Real is real is real.

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1. About farts:

I don't understand why my farts smells like beef jerky and I haven't ate beef in 4 days🤔How does that work broo

2. About vaginas:

I’m bout to wax my vagina and I’m soo fuckin scared 😰

3. About farts:

4. About vaginas:

Anyways i was only able to wax one side of my coochie cause i couldn’t handle the pain 😪My pussy looks so crazy right now ! 😩😩and im in sooo much pain Hoe😩

5. About farts:

I wanna fart bit I’m around soo many people in a small room😔😩

6. About vaginas:

Why must my legs , under arm and vagina hair grow so fast and the hair on my head don’t -______-😒😒😒

7. About farts:

Pray for my cousin😔🙏🏼🙏🏼...He can’t put the car windows down cause it’s snowing and I’m throwing maaa farts .

8. About vaginas:

Fuck Netflix and chill EAT MY PUSSY AND LEAVE !!!💪🏾💪🏾😤

9. About farts:

I need y'all to pray for me ,nothing wrong with me I just be smelling my own farts 😂😂

10. About vaginas:

Always wash your pussy and ass after you piss ,Never know when you going to catch the neck ,Carry a cup and soap!!!

11. About farts:

I needs to sit and rewind & think on wtf I ate today & yesterday cause these fart broooo😷😷😷

12. About vaginas:

13. About farts (kinda):

I can’t take it no more 😢😢😪😪😪😪😪😪 I gotta take a shit on this plane and I hate to do it to people

14. About vaginas (peripherally):

That morning D was sooo good 🤤

15. About farts maybe:

16. About vaginas for sure:

I only have one best friend and that's my Pussy ❤️

17. In conclusion:

And just like that, a hero was born.
Twitter: @iamcardib

And just like that, a hero was born.

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