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Can You Get Through This Post Without Realizing That You Actually Love Raccoons?

Go on. Try.

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This is what they ~want~ you to think when someone says "raccoon."

Dzphotovideo / Getty Images

But that's just some anti-raccoon PROPAGANDA.

Dzphotovideo / Getty Images

The truth is out there and I'm here to show it to you. So if you don't fall in love with raccoons by the time this post is over, then you get your money back — GUARANTEED. *

*This website is free thooo sooooo

Raccoons help teach swimming to other raccoons. It is sweet.

Raccoons are patient and well-mannered house guests.

And they wash their hands after using the bathroom even if they aren't an employee!

Raccoons will do all the cleaning and not resent you for it!

Raccoons can ride bikes.

Also they care about other species. Like cats.


And dogs.

Raccoons are natural gymnasts.



Don't feel like going out into the cold to buy some groceries? Raccoons will do that for you. Because they CARE.

Raccoons are gentle.

They are funny as heck!!!!

And they are affectionate.

They are curious and inspired little folk.

And do they also ride on scooters you ask? Why yes! They do.

In conclusion: it's time to give raccoons the love they deserve.

  1. Ok, do you love raccoons now?

    NOPE! Still hate them!
    My god, yes! Thank you for opening my eyes and sharing the light with me.
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Ok, do you love raccoons now?
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    NOPE! Still hate them!
    vote votes
    My god, yes! Thank you for opening my eyes and sharing the light with me.
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