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"Bunheads" Is A Real Show Coming To ABC Family

It's exactly what you think the show is about. I think.

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This is Bunheads. It's the true story of 5 cinnamon bun—teenage girl mutant alien hybrids who landed on planet earth. The first thing they saw while on earth was "The Nutcracker" (it was christmas time), and after seeing it all of them fell in love with ballet.

Bunheads will follow the girls as they figure out how to blend into this world without sticking out like a sore thumb (and being eaten!). All the while the bunnies (that's what everyone calls them) will learn what ballet is really about, and how they can balance their ginormous heads with such delicate and beautiful dancing.

Meet the cast!


Fun fact: There was a 6th bunhead, but unfortunately she was left in the oven for too long and had to stay at home on Bun-planet while she recovered from her burns. Her friends miss her, but don't seem to care that much because they are having a pretty good time doing ballet on earth.

Okay, so, turns out Bunheads is actually not a true story about cinnamon-bun-headed-aliens, but a scripted show about human girl ballerinas.