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    Brooklyn Decker Has The Same Birthday As Her Mom AND Grandma, Which Is Honestly Very Interesting

    What are the odds?

    You guys know Brooklyn Decker. She's an actress and model, and she's married to tennis player Andy Roddick.

    Rick Kern / Getty Images

    Her birthday was yesterday, April 12.

    Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

    And she just informed us that her mom and her grandma ALSO HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY.

    Instagram: @undefined

    "The most interesting thing about me is that I have the same bday as my mom and my grandma (all surprises.) Anyway, we took this picture today (thank you, vaccines) and we were making the exact same face at the exact same time. That’s some witchy stuff right there."

    Like, they were all born on April 12, but obvi different years.

    And yes, they're also making this face with their tongues out.

    Brooklyn Decker / Instagram: @undefined

    But back to the birthday thing. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??????????

    Brooklyn Decker / Instagram: @undefined

    It would be nuts and surprising if just she and her mom had the same birthday. But for literally three generations to be born on the exact same day is honestly mind-boggling!!!!!

    So yeah, I agree with Brooklyn. It IS interesting. That's all. BYE.

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