33 British Actors Who Are Objectively Very Hot And What They Looked Like When They First Became Famous

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    1. Jonathan Bailey then:

    close up of Bailey wearing a press pass around his neck

    Jonathan Bailey now:

    Bailey in a suit at an event

    2. Charlie Hunnam then:

    close up of Hunnam with spiked hair

    Charlie Hunnam now:

    Hunnam at an event wearing a denim outfit and long hair

    3. Dev Patel then:

    close up of a young Patel smiling

    Dev Patel now:

    Patel at an event wearing a suit and long hair

    4. Henry Cavill then:

    close up of Cavill smiling

    Henry Cavill now:

    an older Cavill in a pinstripe suit

    5. Alfie Enoch then:

    close up of Enoch

    Alfie Enoch now:

    close up of Enoch in a casual rain jacket, longer hair, and facial hair

    6. Benedict Cumberbatch then:

    a young Cumberbatch wearing a suit and sunglasses at an event

    Benedict Cumberbatch now:

    a serious and older Cumberbatch in a suit

    7. Will Poulter then:

    close up of young Poulter

    WIll Poulter now:

    close up of older Poulter with longer hair

    8. Rupert Friend then:

    close up of Friend in a scarf and spiked hair

    Rupert Friend now:

    close up of Friend in a blazer and longer hair

    9. Tom Hiddleston then:

    close up of Hiddleston holding an award with long curly hair

    Tom Hiddleston now:

    Hiddleston at an event in a suit and brushed out curls

    10. Andrew Garfield then:

    close up of an excited Garfield holding an award

    Andrew Garfield now:

    Garfield in a suit and facial hair

    11. Kingsley Ben-Adir then:

    Ben-Adir wearing a blazer over a Run DMC shirt

    Kingsley Ben-Adir now:

    close up of a smiling Ben-Adir with facial hair

    12. Aaron Taylor-Johnson then:

    close up of Taylor-Johnson with shaggy hair and ear piercing

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson now:

    close up of Taylor-Johnson in a suit and short hair

    13. Nicholas Hoult then:

    close up of young Hoult

    Nicholas Hoult now:

    Hoult in a fitted suit for The Great premiere

    14. Jamie Dornan then:

    Dornan at an event smiling

    Jamie Dornan now:

    Dornan wearing a suit on the red carpet

    15. William Moseley then:

    close up of Moseley with long shaggy hair

    William Moseley now:

    close up of an older Moseley in a suit and shorter hair

    16. Max Minghella then:

    close up of young Minghella

    Max Minghella now:

    a serious and older Minghella in a suit on the red carpet

    17. Daniel Kaluuya then:

    close up of a smiling Kaluuya

    Daniel Kaluuya now:

    close up of an older serious Kaluuya

    18. David Oyelowo then:

    close up of smiling Oyelowo

    David Oyelowo now:

    close up of Oyelowo with facial hair

    19. Riz Ahmed then:

    close up of Ahmed in a newsboy caop

    Riz Ahmed now:

    Ahmed on the red carpet with a casual matching outfit

    20. Christian Bale then:

    a young Bale

    Christian Bale now:

    close up of an older Bale with long hair and facial hair

    21. Tom Ellis then:

    close up of Ellis smiling

    Tom Ellis now:

    Ellis in a suit and glasses

    22. Sam Claflin then:

    close up of Claflin

    Sam Claflin now:

    close up of Claflin in a suit and facial hair

    23. Josh Bowman then:

    close up of Bowman in a suit with the shirt open

    Josh Bowman now:

    close up of Bowman in a leather jacket

    24. Eddie Redmayne then:

    close up of Redmayne in a scarf

    Eddie Redmayne now:

    close up of Redmayne in a suit

    25. Douglas Booth then:

    a young Booth in a blazer

    Douglas Booth now:

    Booth in a long fitted jacket with long hair

    26. Ben Barnes then:

    Barnes with long shaggy hair

    Ben Barnes now:

    Barnes in a suit with sleek shorter hair

    27. John Boyega then:

    close up of Boyega

    John Boyega now:

    close up of Boyega on the red carpet in a suit smiling

    28. Luke Evans then:

    close up of Evans in a suit

    Luke Evans now:

    close up of an older Evans in suit with shorter hair

    29. Tom Hardy then:

    close up of Hardy in a suit with untied bowtie

    Tom Hardy now:

    close up of Hardy with facial hair and spiked hair wearing a pinstripe suit

    30. Orlando Bloom then:

    close up of Bloom in a faux Mohawk

    Orlando Bloom now:

    close up of Bloom in a pinstripe suit at an event

    31. Tom Holland then:

    close up of Holland in a fedora

    Tom Holland now:

    close up of Holland in a turtleneck and longer hair

    32. Idris Elba then:

    close up of Elba smiling

    Idris Elba now:

    Elba in a short sleeved button-down smiling at an event

    33. Robert Pattinson then:

    close up of Pattinson in a velvet blazer and messy hair

    Robert Pattinson now:

    close up of Pattinson in a coat and short sleek hair