Brahhhhhhhhhh Is That Matthew McConaughey Shredding With Uggs On, Dude?

    A short play.

    Chad: YooOO brosef, is that Matt my McConaman shreddin' down by the water, man?

    Thad: And is he wearin' Ugg Boots mi compadre?

    Brad: Yeah bromino, those are some gnarlyyyyy Uggs. And by gnarly I mean sickkkk. And by sick I mean, ILL!!! And by ill I mean, those are cool shoes I love them!

    Chad: And check out his gear. That's seck my bromamas.

    Thad: You know what's even SECKER Chad, is that ur mom is gettin' a nice ride on his back!!! BOOOOOM ROASTED BRO-DY JENNER!!!

    Brad: Thad you just got Chad BAD!!!!!!!!!!! SecK.

    Brad, Thad AND Chad: The McConaissance is REALL!!!!!!

    The end.