Bradley Cooper Is The Only Single, Solitary Human On A Beach

It’s not confirmed that he smells, but if he didn’t smell there would probably be at least ONE other human or animal species around him.

He sits alone
Sand in his pants
He ponders his life
Making friends with ants

Fameflynet Pictures

There’s no one else
It’s just him
Plus his invisible friend
Whose name is maybe Tim

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Then something in his head just breaks
He forgets that a shirt does not go on your face
He puts his tee around his head
“Don’t I look grand?” is what he said

Fameflynet Pictures

But then the pieces came back together
And he remembered how shirts work
But alone he still was sitting on that beach
So sad and desolate he did not even smirk

Fameflynet Pictures

So up he got
And as you could see
It was just Bradley

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