People Are Pissed Because Beyoncé's "Big" Announcement Was That She's Vegan

    The hive is not happy.

    Last night Good Morning America announced that Monday morning Beyoncé was going to make an announcement, and we were going to LOVE IT.

    .@Beyonce has something amazing she wants you to know: "This is something I have to share with everyone..." 👑

    I mean, the announcement would have to be a tour right? Or a new album? Or a new song?

    Or maybe she's pregnant? Or that she is going to donate a lot of money somewhere? Or that she's a huge Willie Nelson fan? OR SOMETHING HUGE AND SURPRISING.

    But no. Turns out she was just announcing that she's vegan and on a diet plan.

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    The clues were there all along.

    But people were not pleased with this "big" announcement.

    I just wanna say I set my alarm for 6:55 to hear beyonce talk about a diet. I am not happy.

    When You Wake Up Early Tomorrow & Beyoncé Announces Her Newest Vegan Diet

    Is this Beyonce announcement really about her being vegan....

    Beyoncé: I have a huge announcement to make. Hive: Album? Preggy? Tour? Bey: Vegan Diet Hive:

    Because, it was *maybe* a bit of a letdown?

    Beyoncé: I have an announcement Hive: OMFG A TOUR???? ALBUM?????? Beyoncé: Y'all fat lol

    I honestly thought that Beyoncé's announcement would be something like that she's pregnant or she would drop a new album, but no she's vegan

    Beyoncé reading her Instagram comments like

    There were higher hopes.

    Why is it "World Stop" information that Beyonce has been a vegan. I thought she was getting back with Destiny's Child or something.

    And now questions are being raised.

    @Beyonce You got some explaining to do....

    Basically, people are mad.

    Never been on a diet and I don't intend to Beyonce can keep her lettuce

    Real mad.

    Beyoncé gotta go RT @kanYeBreast: #1gottaGo

    Not everyone, though.

    me: i hate vegans. i dont understand them. i love meat beyoncé: im vegan me: down with the unfair treatmeant of animals! end this system o

    Either way, I guess the truth is that times have changed.