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    Congrats To Ben Affleck For Carrying Alllllll This Stuff Into His House

    That's talent.

    It looks like one Mr. Ben Affleck got lots of packages and still had almost an entire Dunkin' iced coffee to drink.

    Ben Affleck, dressed in a puffy jacket with the hood up, hunches over to pick up a package with one hand as he balances several other packages with a large iced coffee sitting on top with his other arm

    But that didn't stop him.

    He carried all those packages AND kept sippin' on his Dunkin'.

    Ben Affleck smiles as he sips on his iced coffee and balances the packages

    Absolutely nothing will prevent him from finishing his DUNKIN'!!!!

    'Cause this guy LOVES HIS DUNKIN'!

    Ben Affleck, on another day, balances several iced coffees and a box of donut holes


    Ben walks, while wearing a face mask, and carries ice beverages in a to-go carrier

    He's never not DUNKIN'!!!!!!

    Ben retrieves four large iced coffees and a bag of food from Dunkin' that was delivered to his home

    So congrats to him for never not Dunkin', and also apparently for being a Prime member. Das cool.