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    Bella Thorne Reacts To 19 Situations That Are All Too Real

    Yeah, you're going to deny that unknown phone number.

    Bella Thorne stopped by BuzzFeed, and we gave her these situations which are all too real for anyone who is currently breathing. Now you can add these gifs to your reaction gif collection.

    1. When you give someone your phone and they start scrolling through all of your pictures:

    2. When you check your phone in the dark, but its on full brightness:

    3. When you’ve been binge-watching a series for the last 10 hours and they kill off your favorite character:

    4. When you eat a whole package of Oreos and then realize the label says “family size”:

    5. You’re washing the dishes and someone adds a dish to the sink:

    6. When your friend says “that’s not your drink” after you’ve already taken a sip:

    7. When you wake up in the middle of the night and see that you still have 3 hours of sleep:

    8. When you drop a pizza slice and it lands cheese side down:

    9. When you accidentally put on the front facing camera on your phone:

    10. When your jam comes on the radio:

    11. When you’re lying in bed with your phone and it falls on your face:

    12. When you are on the phone with a customer service agent and accidentally say “I love you” right before you hang up:

    13. When you’re stalking a crush’s Instagram and you accidentally like the picture:

    14. When you look up your cold symptoms on WEB MD:

    15. When your ex says that you’re cute:

    16. When you’re singing a song but get the lyrics wrong:

    17. When you just find out that you’re dating your cousin:

    18. When you fall going up the stairs and try to play it cool:

    19. When you get a phone call from an unknown number:

    Oh, and she gave the BuzzFeed office a good scare too.

    Watch Bella in the series premiere of Scream on Tuesday, June 30th at 10 PM on MTV.