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Taylor Swift And Her Friends Finally Shared All The Pics From July 4th That We've Been Waiting To See


By now you should probably know that Taylor Swift and exactly 7,986 of her famous friends gathered at Taylor's house in Rhode Island this weekend for a casual 4th of July get-together. She's been having her iconic 4th of July parties for a few years. Remember last year...?

But as we were nearing the end of the holiday, we were left with only one photo (like, one actual photo and not just a grainy paparazzi pic) of the celebration.

BUT, THAT HAS CHANGED! Because now there are a bunch of pics from the weekend. Let's look, shall we?

Taylor shared this one of some of the crew in the ocean:

Karlie Kloss shared this pic of her and Taylor after going down the slide:

And Taylor shared the pre-pic of that.

As well as some "durings."

I'm talking about the giant inflatable slide that Ruby Rose also went down...

...apparently several times.

Taylor's best friend Abigail shared this pic of her with Taylor and Gigi Hadid:

Taylor posted this one of her and Cara Delevingne walking down what seems to be a meh hill in a meh neighborhood:

She also shared this pic of her, Cara, and Gigi in coordinating and very "AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!" bathing suits:

There's also this photo set, which proves a lot of onesies were worn and that there was also some kind of game night.

And there's this pic shared by Ruby showing us a good old-fashioned "Taylor sprawling on her friends" pose:

Martha Hunt showed off a product of what seems to be "body-painting time"!

And a slew of Polaroids, because — and I'm being serious —your party would suck without Polaroids.

Oh, and also here's one that highlights a few of the couples of the weekend: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and Taylor's friend Brit and her husband Ben.

OK, well, those are all the pictures that have been shared as of now. I'll be on the lookout for more as the day goes on. Thank you and long live the July 4th Swiftapalooza!