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Be Honest: Are These Outfits That Emily Wore In "Emily In Paris" Actually Cute Or Just Real Bad?

It's fashion...kinda.

Hi. Emily in Paris Season 2 is on Netflix. I watched it, and I'm assuming you watched it, so now I'd like to know what you thought about her outfits. Don't be shy — take the poll!

1. This striped collared shirt matched with this Matrix skirt:

2. This plaid newsboy cap with this bedazzled tiny sweater and these striped capri harem pants:

3. This bucket hat and this dress:

4. This red floofy dress:

Emily wearing a hi-lo ruffled dress with plunging neckline and her hair in an updo

5. This yellow beret + yellow leather half gloves + plaid tiny top + yellow bag + floral dress:

6. This pink look:

Emily wearing a tweed skirt with large buttons and long-sleeved, off-the-shoulder blouse, and pumps

7. This neon green blazer thing with purple leather half gloves:

8. This heart dress with a large red coat and headband:

9. This plaid skirt with a red bomber jacket:

10. This checkered bucket hat with this dress, plus the jacket that she wears inside:

11. This green and white blazer with the patterned set underneath:

12. This horse-print jacket with the red dress:

13. This green coat with a red striped dress:

Emily riding a moped while wearing the coat and dress

14. This rainbow jacket with white jeans:

15. This little black dress with the giant pink bow:

Emily standing next to a table outdoors with wine bottles on it

In conclusion:

ignoring emily’s outfits and focusing on camille’s outfits makes watching emily in paris much more enjoyable

Twitter: @oatmilklattte