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For Anyone Who Was The Baby Spice Of Their Group

Everyone was someone.

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There came a time in every '90s girl's life when a decision had to be made: Which Spice Girl were you?

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This was no joke. You couldn't just pretend to be Posh one day and then the next day be Scary. That's not how it worked!!

You had to be only one. It was like your soul was matched to one of the Spice Girls. A mystical connection that can't be explained.

Also it can't be broken — it's forever.

And this post is for everyone who was Baby Spice.

Like, when someone asks, "Which Spice Girl were you?" — which is a totally normal question that doesn't need any context — your response is "Baby Spice, duh."

Because you were (and will forever be) Baby Spice.

It's a part of your identity.

Like, when you and your friends would hang out after school and perform "Say You Will Be There" for your parents, you played the part of Baby.

Everyone had their roles. You knew yours.

Obviously each Spice Girl was loved equally, but maybe not, 'cause Baby Spice was the best.

I mean, she had a swing in her area of the tour bus!!!

Being Baby Spice was a mindset, but also it had a lot to do with pigtails and platform shoes.

It was great and classic.

Meaning your Spice Girls dress-up uniform was throwing your hair into pigtails and wearing the highest platform shoes you can find.

And you either owned or begged for but failed to get the iconic "baby" necklace that Emma wore all the time.

Photo David Corio / Redferns

Also I'm just gonna go ahead and say that if you were the Baby Spice of your group, chances are you were the cutest.

Being Baby Spice was a state of being. She was the sweet, innocent one.

And literally the answer to this is yes.

Plus, she was the queen of lollipops, so being Baby basically gave you an excuse to always have a Chupa Chup in your mouth.


So to all my fellow Baby Spicers out there: I love you. We are family.

Baby Spice 4ever.

But also just girl power forever.

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