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Aubrey Plaza Pulled A Kanye And Reportedly Got Kicked Out Of The MTV Movie Awards

The queen of awkward really knocked it out of the park last night.

Here's the clip of the "INCIDENT":

Let's break it down...

She ran up and awkwardly tried to take away the popcorn:

She was barefoot at the time of the "incident":

It was silent until Will asked if she was OK.

She said yes and ran off stage...

She spilled her drink:

She was like, "Oh, shit, what did I just do?"

Everyone was like WTFWTFWTF

Deadline reported she was kicked out after the stunt:

MTV later claimed the incident was unplanned and that the MTV Movie Awards producers kicked her off the Sony Pictures lot where the show was being held. Backstage, Ferrell told MTV: "It was just a lot of liquor breath."

This is what Will Ferrell said after the show:

And she tweeted this: