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    Attention: Sebastian Stan Is Who Your Heart Should Lust For

    Those eyes. That hair. His everything.

    **Important announcement alert** Sebastian Stan is your new fav.

    Because he's a crazy, ridiculously good looking human whose stare alone melts ice.

    Upon seeing photos of Sebastian you might exclaim to yourself:

    Yes. Yes, my friends, it is.

    It's almost impossible to not want to shine a light in his eyes at all moments because if you did he'd forever have this adorable squinting look on him.

    But really any look of his is to ~die for~.

    One noteworthy example of that is his work out look. This is a very general look, but one that deserves high praise.

    (you get why)

    Another great look of his is the "biting his lower lip" look.


    But this little tongue thing might be more serious. Yes. It's an epidemic. I've got a fever.

    **Temperature Rises**

    **Temperature spikes, doctor is called, barely survives**

    Sure, he can be a bit goofy...

    And yeah, sometimes he holds adorable stuffed bears while smiling painfully...

    But that's all part of his charm.

    This is also part of his charm:

    As is this moving version of it:

    And once again for good measure.

    Move aside dude on the right there's only one set of abs that matter here.

    By now there's no way you don't stan for Stan.

    Have fun wiping off your drool for him, bye!