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16 Questions A Dog Can Answer Without Any Problems

Are you smarter than a dog?

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1. How was your week?

Marco_piunti / Getty Images

2. What's grows on the outside of a tree?

Smileus / Getty Images

3. What is Shad Gregory Moss' stage name?

John Parra / Getty Images

4. Winds, currents, different coastal topography and the depth and nature of the sea bed might cause the ocean to change how WHAT the ocean is?

Bobbushphoto / Getty Images

5. A Turkish mathematician with the first name Cahit was known for his "invariant of a quadratic form in characteristic 2 (applied in knot theory and surgery theory) in topology". What was his last name?

6. In the movie "Home Alone", Buzz's girlfriend is described in what simple, yet memorable way?

20th Century Fox

7. Sudden loss of kidney function possibly leading to death is known as acute kidney injury. What was the previous name for this ailment?

8. Hartmut Faber is the mayor of which municipality home to upwards of 1,000 people located in northern Germany?

9. Australian-Dutch composer Barbara ____ received the Martim Codax Prize for the electronic composition Syzygy. What is Barbara's last name?

10. What can a Digital Holographic Microscope measure in a hip prothesis?

11. What is the longer grass on the outside of the fairway called?

Johndwilliams / Getty Images

12. Who is one of the main characters of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha?

13. This equation is used to calculate what type of path lift?

14. Your friend Anne-Marie just bought a new piece of head-gear - and it is absolutely stunning. How do you react?

Elenanichizhenova / Getty Images

15. According to wikipedia, “p14 ____ inhibits mdm2, thus promoting p53, which promotes p21 activation, which then binds and inactivates certain cyclin-CDK complexes, which would otherwise promote transcription of genes that would carry the cell through the G1/S checkpoint of the cell cycle."

Cosmin4000 / Getty Images

16. And, finally, WHO'S A GOOD BOY?!?!!

Danilobiancalana / Getty Images

Answer Key:

1. Ruff

2. Bark

3. Bow Wow

4. Ruff

5. Arf

6. Woof

7. ARF

8. Bark

9. Woof

10. Ruff

11. Ruff

12. Arf

13. Ruff

14. Bow — Wow!

15. Arf


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