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Quintuple Threat Ansel Elgort Melted A Million Hearts With His Singing On Snapchat

Good morning indeed.

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If you are a *true* Ansel Elgort fan, you'd know that he grew up doing theater, but for everyone else who just enjoys following celebrities on Snapchat, recently you were treated to the angelic voice of Mr. Elgort for the first time:

Check out my snapchat I wana say "Goodmorning" snap is anselelgort song by John legend

And it wasn't just that snippet, he KEPT SINGING. Don't worry I've put together the whole Snapchat song here for some ~easy listening~:

Facebook: video.php

Now that you're aware that Ansel loves to sing, and is good at it, you'll be happy to know that he's taking song requests and plans to sing for us more often:

You guys are all so nice, I love to sing, when I was younger I sang a lot in musicals. I'll sing you another song... Any requests?