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20 Animals That Are Huge Jerks

Not all animals are sweet and innocent.

1. This rude monkey that won't stop harassing this dog:

2. This bird who didn't even ASK if he could have that wallaby's food:

3. This cat who spanked this rat:

4. And this jerk cat who won't let the dog in:

5. This bullying goat:

6. This dog that totally just stole that other dog's treat:

7. And this one who uses his cone to be selfish:

8. This damn raccoon that won't just leave this cat ALONE:

9. That asshole dolphin that punched that other dolphin:

10. This cat that's trying to suffocate the other cat:

11. This chimp who doesn't give a shit about that other chimp:

12. This bird that thought no one would see him push that turtle off the ledge:

13. This teasing dog that won't stop hitting this cat:

14. This cat that just bitch-slapped this TINY HELPLESS KITTY:

15. This raven that is rude to this dog:

16. This RUDE cat who just attacked this dog for no good reason:

17. And this one too. Cats are RUDE.

18. This dog that knew the other dog would never make it over the hedge:

19. This puppy who was like, "there's only room for two puppies here":

20. And this jerk panda that used his friend's face as a toilet: