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    Anderson Cooper Joined Instagram, Let's See What He's Grammin'

    Our favorite silver fox joined instagram this week and now he's obsessed (probably).

    He posted old press passes of him looking adorable:

    And some more press passes still looking adorable, but more mature:


    His Emmys and a war helmet:

    This gas mask on a plastered anderson cooper (look at the eyes):

    "I have gas mask in my office because I took Chem/bio warfare training class so I can report in case of an attack. It's on a copy of my head made by Madame Tussauds"

    His bulletin board:

    "My first instagram pic taken of my bulletin board at my desk"

    A barber shop sign:

    "I collect hand-painted signs. This is a barber shop sign I bought in #Senegal"


    These old passport photos:

    This poster, he's team Edward I guess:

    "Detail of Horror Of Dracula movie poster"

    This photo he found in Rwanda:

    "Old picture I found during genocide in Rwanda. 1994"

    And in case you still haven't realized...

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