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    An Ode To Chris Evans, Brilliant Actor And Good Person

    What a heart of gold this guy has.

    Let's talk about Chris Evans for a second...

    And how's he's such a great actor.

    Like, A + acting.

    He's really committed to his roles.

    And is probably always on time to set.

    The crew must love him because I bet he makes everyone laugh.

    But also, he seems really kind.

    And very family oriented.

    He probably showers his mom with gifts...

    And his Dad is named Bob Evans.

    I heard Chris loves to help old people carry their groceries.

    And is really into giving back in the community.

    It wouldn't be fair to not mention how beautiful his eyes are.

    NO. NO. This isn't about the physical him. It's about the beauty inside of him.

    He's a real class act.

    A true humanitarian.

    No doubt he'd save a cat from a burning tree.

    Or help a blind man cross the street.

    I bet he'd even help birth a baby cow if the chance arose.

    So yeah, Chris Evans might have nice eyes.

    But why don't you just think about HIS NICE MIND.

    And sense of humor.

    And generosity.

    And thank the lord that we were given such a wonderful human.