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    Posted on Sep 24, 2015

    Amy Schumer's Press Room Interview After She Won Her Emmy Is Iconic

    Maybe the best post-award-winning interview ever?

    Background: Press room interviews with award winners are usually boring and repetitive, but this one from Amy Schumer after she won her Emmy is not. Yeah, I know the Emmys were like four days ago, but trust me on this.

    Some highlights include when someone asked Amy about when she fell in front of Kim and Kanye, to which she responded:

    Then she was asked if she had any plans to make out with Tina Fey, and she said this:

    Then there was a question in which she was not asked about Madonna, but decided to talk about opening for Madonna anyway and made up this wonderful new song:

    Which she then flawlessly segued into asking the press room if they've ever had an orgasm.

    And it was at about that time that her publicist made a decision.

    Here's the entire six(-ish)-minute interview. I highly suggest you take a seat and enjoy it, because it's really just wonderful:

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