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Amanda Seyfried Shows Off Her Artistic Talents In A Game Of Word Association

In which we also find out that Channing Tatum once peed on her.

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Amanda Seyfried won our love after her performance as Karen in Mean Girls. Her dog, Finn, won our love after the very first time we saw him. Together, they are a perfect pair. And while Finn could be talked about for hours on end, this is about Amanda, so back to her.

Now Seyfried stars in Ted 2 —in theaters today! —alongside Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane. We sat down to get her opinion on a bunch of random things, and what we learned is that not only did Channing Tatum pee on her once (and we have questions about that), but also that Amanda is one hella artistic person. Here's what happened.



AS: I want to elaborate on that. I love Uber, but Uber doesn't love dogs. So fuck it! If I really sat down and thought about the math, 65% of my rides just won't take Finn. I'm like, you don't even know him! If you're allergic, I totally get it, I don't need to ride with you. But if you're not allergic and you just don't like dogs, fuck you. Because you don't know my dog. Finn is really well trained, really quiet, and he's a friendly guy. He's not going to poop in your car. He's not even going to make a peep.



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Are you a fan?

AS: I'm a huge fan, but not of the turds on the show. God, what is it with this season?

Did you watch on Monday?

AS: Are you fucking kidding, did I watch on Monday? I have so many feelings about it. Why am I watching it?