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Amanda Bynes Is Still Claiming There Is An Imposter Version Of Herself Out There

Is it possible that Amanda has an identical twin wandering the streets of New York? Or is something else going on here....

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On Monday these pictures were published, showing who is believed to be Amanda Bynes:

Splash News
Splash News

But then Amanda tweeted claiming that it was an imposter and was most definitely NOT her:

This is a photo Amanda uploaded weeks ago, wearing the exact same sunglasses and showing off her dimple piercings, just like "Imposter Amanda" above:

On Tuesday night, she also tweeted and then deleted this:

Along with this photo of what seems to resemble Amanda in a black wig:

Then last night she tweeted once again (and deleted again), attempting to prove that it wasn't her in the photos:

And then uploaded this picture:

So, is it Amanda? Is it not Amanda? IS AMANDA OKAY? What do you guys think?

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