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Almost Everything You Need To Know About The Chinese App That Turns You Into A Cartoon

I don't know everything, but this is my new favorite app.

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Hi, I'm Lauren and this is me. It's a tiny animated computer version of me, but I've looked at myself in the mirror once or twice and gosh darn it, THIS GIRL IS ME. How did this happen, you ask? Well, listen up and I'll tell you.

Last night as I settled into bed, I started browsing Vine. I noticed that a teen or two who I follow had these little animations.

I wanted one, so I sifted through Vine comments to get to the bottom of what the app that created these masterpieces was. I found it.


The app is literally completely written in Chinese. I don't speak Chinese, so I pushed a bunch of random buttons until I got to a part where it asked me to take a picture of myself. I trust that you will also push the correct random buttons and get there.


I was a boy! A real boy! Side note: I'm currently living at home. I was laughing so hard my mom came into my room wondering what was going on. She then told me to go to bed. I didn't listen.

I saw a button on the bottom left hand corner that had a little jacket icon on it. I clicked it and it brought me to the customization area. I was about to become ~me~. First I wanted to change my hair.

At first I thought I was about to spend a buttload of money on this app to make me look desirable. Then I realized that the grayed-out options just needed to be downloaded. If you click on something, green text (that I don't understand, because again, I don't speak Chinese) shows up. That means it's downloading.

Though I was enjoying my time as a bald boy, I wanted to look more like myself. With the help of friends on the web I figured out that the two symbols on the top of this page were boy/girl. Whatever the red is highlighting is your gender.

This is me as a boy, and as a girl. I love them both equally!


I should mention that with every outfit change you can take pictures of yourself in the app by clicking the camera icon in the left corner. It will take a series of three photos and then bring you to a page where you can save them to your phone.


I also chose this sweatshirt that reads "BLAZE" because #420, y'all. Now this is where the good stuff happens. Click the video icon, and it will bring you to an area where you can star in all sorts of things.

To do a video: Download the videos in the app like you would an outfit change. Then export the video with the big green button and save it to your camera roll. You can also change backgrounds in each video with options on the top.

I chose to star in Frozen.

As well as the video for "Sexy Back."

And also be a pole dancer. Because that's really how to show off your mini's talent.

Turns out Miley Cyrus and I are more alike than I thought because we both chose to be pole dancers in a "Blaze" sweatshirt.

In conclusion: There are seriously a billion amazing things you can do with this app as long as you like pushing unknown buttons and being surprised. I'll leave you with me rapping about something(?) in overalls and a vintage pilot's helmet.

Have fun exploring and let me know what you discover in the comments.