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    All The Evidence We Have That Leonardo DiCaprio Had A Ridiculously Fun 39th Birthday Party

    2 Chainz and Kanye West performed at Tau nightclub in New York for Leo's birthday extravaganza.

    Apparently Leo spent most of the night dancing by the stage.

    Throwing his hands up and down...

    Generally having a grand ol' time...

    And kissing this girl:

    Then Kanye told the crowd what Leo meant to him:

    And 2 Chainz made his speech:

    And then brought Leo up on stage to toast to the birthday boy:

    And told him that he knows he's been working hard:

    And they had a moment:

    And Kim Kardashian was there too and took this picture:

    And shot this video of Kanye performing while a couple in the crowd makes out the whole time:

    Unfortunately Leo spent the whole night looking at the inside of his newsboy cap and didn't even realize he was in a club: