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    Adults Are Sharing Things They Were Never Prepared For In Life, And It's Honestly Pretty Depressing

    Life is hard.

    Being an adult has its perks. Like going to bed at 10 p.m. by CHOICE, not because someone is making you. But being an adult also sucks. Reddit user u/cracksandcrevices asked for some of the more specific problems about being an adult that no one prepared us for. Here are some responses that honestly are downright depressing but so, so true.

    1. "Deciding what’s for dinner EVERY NIGHT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!"


    2. "Basic home maintenance: when to change air filters, smoke alarm batteries, timing of lawn care, how often do you clean the gutters, are you supposed to clean under the stove, what is edging, how do you recycle, how to change locks, etc."


    3. "Vegetables die too soon in the fridge"


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    4. "Having to not only make important decisions by myself (I expected that much) but also having to do so in a timely fashion uninhibited by indecision."


    5. "How much time you spend just doing stuff. 'Oh, need to replace my tire and that's over by the store, so while I replace the tire I can do some errands and I'll save time and be home in no time.' Three hours later: 'Okay just one more errand before I head home.'"


    6. "How hard it is to make/keep friends. Don't even get me started on relationships."


    7. "All the laundry. Good grief does it pile up."


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    8. "Literally everyone is just pretending to have their shit together. Human lives are held together with duct tape."


    9. "The random expenses that spring up just when you're finally getting money put away. Your savings account finally looking decent? Congratulations! Your car just died and you need a new one. Also, your bathroom has a mold issue that will cost thousands to fix. Bye bye savings."


    10. "When you have free time to do something 'fun,' you’re too mentally exhausted from doing all the things you have to do that you waste free time half-watching tv and half-scrolling through Reddit."


    11. "The disillusion that comes with realizing your parents had no actual clue what they were doing 86% of the time while raising you."


    12. "How expensive mattresses are. Like WTF is this shit?"


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    13. "I thought when I graduated from college the workplace would be full of serious people. Oh god, was I wrong! There is so much childish behavior with adults that it amazes me our society functions at all."


    14. "The endless cleaning. I had chores when I was a kid, but I had zero clue how much actual work went into keeping house. I cleaned my house this morning and by midweek it'll be a warzone of pet hair, crumbs, and dust. I dont even have kids, WTF. It's like the underpants gnomes show up when I'm asleep and fuck my house up."


    15. "Being sick and having to care for yourself. Like when you were younger, your parents would get the medicine or the medicine cabinet would just be stocked all the time, etc. But here I am with a cold having to build up the energy to go to the supermarket to buy some asprin and throat lozenges all by myself."


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    16. "When to know a tradesman (plumber, auto mechanic, dentist, etc.) is scamming you or actually doing their job. You wanna give them the professional benefit of the doubt too, but shit happens all the time. Do I really have to be a Renaissance man in order to properly vet someone to do what they say they're gonna do?"


    17. "Worst thing about adulting is finding out just how little a lottery win is. $10 is lunch. $100 is a bill payment. $1,000 is the monthly rent/mortgage. $10,000 is like all expenses for six months at most. You have to win at least mid–five figures, probably $100K, before your life changes."


    18. "Entering adulthood makes you realize that the reason kids are so cruel is because people in general are."


    19. "Having to put up with so much crap from people in higher positions even though they’re less competent than you. Because you need that paycheck."


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    20. "Having serious philosophical/religious/political disagreements with family."


    21. "Having only $5,000 in savings feels like nothing because of how fast it can go, but finally saving $5,000 feels like a huge accomplishment."


    22. "Controlling your finances. Everything I have learned about budgeting, debt recovery, pensions, saving, and wise purchases, I have had to learn for myself."


    23. "Looking at your folks and being struck by how much they now look like your grandparents used to."


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    Read all the responses on the Reddit thread here.

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