Aaron Tveit Is Really Good At Baseball

He plays in the Broadway League on the Rock of Ages team and is basically the best player.

1. First of all, Aaron has flawless form.

2. His butt even wiggles when he’s getting ready.

3. He’s amazing in the outfield.

4. Like, you can see he’s amazing in the outfield.

5. He’s really good at getting people out. They don’t even stand a chance.

6. He’s superb at getting ready to bat.

7. And knows all sorts of baseball tricks.

8. He’s an amazing stretcher.

9. And is like SOOOOO good at adjusting his socks.

10. He is an expert at keeping his eye on the ball.

11. And also an expert at hitting the ball and being the best person on the team.

12. He’s a good sport and gives high fives.

13. And is the winner of standing by the fence.

[Note from the sports editor: He’s playing softball, not baseball. Just thought people should know.]

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