A Tribute To Young Alec Baldwin: A Hottie That Cannot Be Forgotten

Oh Alec, how we yearn for the days of yesteryear when your hair flowed in the wind and wearing shirts was frowned upon.

1. Remember this?

7. And this look?

11. How about this look?

12. And those sweatpants?

13. And these squinty eyes.

14. Remember those shorts?

16. And that face.

17. With those eyes…

19. Let’s not forget that hair…

23. Remember this pose?

NBC / Getty Images

24. And that trench coat?

25. And this pinky ring?

26. And also this face. DID I ALREADY SAY THAT? SORRY.

27. Now stare at this pic for a minute.

28. And get lost in his eyes…

29. ‘Cause those were the days…

30. When Alec Baldwin was the most handsome man on the planet.

31. The end.

NBC / Getty Images

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