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    A Tribute To The Life Of Jennifer Garner's Pet Chicken, Regina George


    This post is a tribute to Regina George, Jennifer Garner's pet chicken. Sadly, Regina has passed away, and Jennifer posted a video of their good times together. I would like to take this moment to celebrate the life of Regina George, America's favorite chicken!!!!!!

    Regina, you were a special chicken!!!!!!!

    Truly one of a kind!!!

    Your choice of hobbies and taste in food really spoke to me.

    I loved to see you take walks with your mom.

    And it brought me great joy to see you two relaxing together.

    You were a true intellectual!!!!

    And there was no chicken more deserving of the best seat in the tote!

    Regina George, Ya'll!!

    So here's to you, Regina George.

    You lived a short but impactful life.

    I'll be cherishing these moments that I only know about from Instagram forever.