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    Tim Allen Is Very Passionate About Quantum Physics

    According to his personal website that is. Never seen his website? Well, here it is.

    When you first go to Tim Allen's website, you are greeted by this picture of him and his guns.

    Take a look around; maybe click on the tab that says "Journal Entries."

    Here you'll find Tim Allen's deepest, innermost thoughts.

    But there's so much to do on this website, so don't stop there.

    Maybe head over to his "Interest in Quantum Physics" page.

    This is where you'll get answers to many very quantum physics-y questions like, "What's a table made out of?"

    He'll give you bad news, but it's all part of the process.

    Now scoot on over to his art page, where he displays his VERY OWN ART!

    Like this piece:

    And this one:

    If you are more of a community-minded person, please be sure to stop by the idea exchange portion of the website.

    This is where you can, wait for it — exchange ideas! Like ideas about men and women and stuff.

    Next please visit the current photos...where the most current photo is from 2010, so — SURPRISE! You've also just time-traveled. This may have something to do with the quantum physics.

    Now maybe you'll want to go to the video page, where you can watch old, fun videos like this one:

    Former presidential candidate Roseanne Barr makes a cameo.

    Make sure to choose Hi-band or Lo-band from your dial-up computer.

    Well, that's it for our tour. Bye!

    Thank you to the wonderful people at Uproxx and Videogum for finding this gem.

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