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A Reminder Of How Perfectly Truthful Anna Kendrick Really Is

Your biggest mistake in life is not following her on twitter.

You've heard it before and you'll sure as heck hear it again: Anna Kendrick is really good at twitter. She just gets it. And in case you've forgotten recently, this is why.

1. Her thoughts on food dreaming:

2. Her thoughts on her fondness for other humans:

3. Honestly, her thoughts on gluten:

4. Her thoughts on harboring feelings:

5. And her thoughts on the truly terrifying presence of spiders:


7. Her thoughts on communicating:

8. Her thoughts on her actual daily life:

9. Her thoughts on this very real let down:

10. Her thoughts on portions for one:

11. Her thoughts on sparing feelings:

12. And on being single:

13. Her thoughts on anything on Instagram that's not just a picture:

14. Her thoughts on just enjoying that sweet, sweet snack:

15. Her thoughts on phone etiquette:

16. Her thoughts on this classic christmas dilemma:

17. And her thoughts on the perfect man:

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