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    A Ranking Of The 23 Best Ways To Get Owned By Gordon Ramsay

    If someone is going to call you a donkey, it should be him.

    23. Being called a useless piece of shit:

    22. Getting told to fuck yourself:

    21. Getting called a stupid cow:

    20. Having your math abilities questioned:

    19. Getting called a precious little bitch:

    18. Him wanting to throw you in an oven:

    17. When you are repeatedly told to fuck off:

    16. Getting compared to Paris Hilton's underpants:

    15. Being told you're going to have a pumpkin jammed up your ass:

    14. Having him pray to God that your food doesn't kill him:

    13. Having him want to throw something up your ass sideways:

    12. Getting your new lipstick shade called out:

    11. Being called worse than his dead grandma:

    10. Being called a donkey:

    9. Getting accused of fucking a raw piece of meat:

    8. Getting called a Dr. Phil guest:

    7. When you have to be reminded that the pan is NONSTICK:

    6. Being told you look like Julia Child:

    5. Getting compared to Hitler:

    4. The eyebrow diss:

    3. Getting accused of being a 45-year-old virgin:

    2. This:

    1. And finally, getting called a panini head: