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    Posted on Dec 3, 2012

    A Photo Recap Of Kim Kardashian's Trip To Kuwait

    As told by her Instagrams.

    First she arrived in Kuwait. Kim Kardashian in Kuwait: It rolls off the tongue beautifully.

    Twitter: @i!/KimKardashian/media/slideshow?

    "Just touched down in Kuwait!!! Riding to the hotel now! So excited to be here!"

    Then she met with the U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait.

    Twitter: @i!/KimKardashian/media/slideshow?

    "Meeting with the US Ambassador to Kuwait, Matthew Tueller"

    After, she went somewhere and got these rainbow-themed beverages.

    "Kuwaiti refreshments"

    Then Kim wore this dress in what looks like a very large and marbly hotel room.

    "Loving Kuwaiti designers! Thank you Laila M. Hanbali for these vintage pieces!"

    Bottoms up!!! She drank a Pepsi along the way. (BOOO! TEAM COKE!)

    "I love the Pepsi cans here! I hope it's diet!"

    Then she went to Millions of Milkshakes while wearing this dress.

    Getty Images

    At this point in the trip she missed Kanye. So she uploaded this photo of her butt and Kanye.

    "I miss you so much."

    Then she went to Bahrain. And saw camels!

    "Camels in the desert of Bahrain"

    Then she posed with the camels and did the universal sign for peace.

    Then she posed again with the camels.

    "Such a fun day in Bahrain!!!"

    Then she drank their milk.

    "Got Camels Milk???"

    And that concludes Kim's trip to Kuwait and Bahrain, as told by her photos.

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