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A Look At Approximately How Many Inches Harry Styles' Hair Grew In 2015 Subway sandwiches.

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Background: Harry Styles' hair has grown a lot this year. In fact, some *might* say it grew TOO much. But what is too much? In order to find out, I did a quick study where I compared Harry's hair length to the size of a foot-long Subway sandwich.


Nov. 13, 2015

Length of Harry's hair: Collarbone length ’n' growin!

How many Subway sandwiches: Almost an entire sandwich, but his hair looks extra bouncy and curly today, so I would hypothesize that that is why it's not the entire sandwich. Or maybe he got a trim.

So there you have it, Harry's hair grew approximately one entire Subway sandwich. As I mentioned, this is not to scale, so I'm just going to eyeball it and say his hair grew a 6 inches. But did it grow TOO much? According to the internet, NOPE!

Thanks to Snapchat user canden_ok for inspiring this post with their request for something about "Harry Styles' Hairy Styles." I know you didn't ask for anything about Subway sandwiches, but I was hungry. Thanks for being awesome and partcipating in #BRL. <3 <3 <3