A History Of Vanessa Hudgens At Coachella

    All hail the queen of Coachella. The Coacheleesi.

    2010: Wears a floppy hat while Zac Efron blows bubbles next to her:

    2011: Wears a completely see-through crochet skirt, starts to Coachellize.

    2011: Lets her coachella hair loose, claims her territory on the grass.

    2011: Walks barefoot across her kingdom while wearing a thigh necklace:

    2011: Ponders about mixed recycling with Josh Hutcherson:

    2011: Runs while Josh Hutcherson tags along behind her:

    2011: Sits in a pow wow with Josh Hutcherson talking about flowers and sunshine and shrubbery:

    2012: Uses lightweight clothing to create dancing wings:

    2012: Lays on the ground next to a food truck:

    2012: Runs while dancing with boyfriend Austin Butler:

    2012: Blankets herself from the strong desert elements:

    2013: Commits a coachella/life faux-pas by wearing this headdress:

    2013: Dresses like a hippie goddess, prays to the Coachella gods:

    2013: Sits on a blanket in field, waiting for a response from Coachella gods.

    2013: Holds giant sunflower to the sky as a sacrifice to the Coachella gods:

    2013: Covers face with flower:

    2013: Sniffs flower under head wrap while boyfriend Austin Butler questions everything he's ever known about her:

    2014: Zombie walks through the grounds with Austin Butler:

    2014: Hides her face with a large fan, but can't hide her hair:

    2014: Becomes an entirely different form of human entirely. She's completed her four year transformation into Coachella Queen.

    Update: An earlier version of this post stated that Vanessa resembled a "gypsy goddess," it has been updated to reflect that she resembles more of a "hippie goddess."