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    Everything You Need To Know About This Ridiculous Drama About A YouTuber Hating The Movie "It"

    Honestly what is even happening anymore.

    Ok, hi. Welcome to this post. I'm about to guide you through some of the best internet drama I've seen in a while. It is literally so dumb that it's actually genius. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do! If not, then sry! Lettuce begin.

    This is James Charles. He's an Instagram/ Youtube star who does makeup.

    He's also the first guy Covergirl.

    This is that weird clown from the new movie It.

    One of the actors in the movie is also that kid from Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard (on the left).

    Ok, now that I've introduced you to our cast of characters, let's get into the dramz!

    The Youtuber, James Charles, tweeted a few days ago that he was going to see It. Cool! Normal! Whatever. However he might live to regret that he ever mentioned it.

    Going to see IT! It's been a long time coming but I'm so excited to finally watch myself on the big screen 🤡

    Because apparently he didn't like the movie. In now deleted tweets that were actually way harder to find than I expected...he said that five minutes into the movie, he decided it was awful.

    And then said that he was texting his friend throughout the movie predicting the whole thing.

    THEN A LOT OF SHIT HAPPENED. Basically, people did not like that he said the movie was awful.

    So he tweeted this in response to the h8ters:

    why am I being attacked for saying I didn't like a movie lmfao y'all need to find something better to do with your lives

    And then added some reasoning:

    I didn't like IT because it seemed as though it was branded to be a horror movie ➡️ I was not scared ➡️ I did not enjoy ➡️ get over it

    BUT THEN, in the middle of the night a few days later, the kid actor that stars in the movie and is also in Stranger Things replied to his deleted tweets and brought up another thing entirely: why is James Charles on his phone DURING the movie???

    Why are you on your phone in the movie theater? Rule 1.

    So at 1:35AM, James was like, "I got dragged!" (Tru)

    I just got dragged by a legendary child actor I'm kinda honored

    And people were like, who texts during a movie??? To which James Charles claimed that EVERYONE does.

    @belababyyy literally everyone has at some point, stop pretending like you don't just to get likes for disagreeing with me

    Now he had two situations on his hands 1) that he hated the movie 2) that he texts during movies. So he started dealing with the first problem by responding to some people that were just pissed that he didn't like the movie. He kinda started changing his tune.

    It was a FANTASTICALLY made movie. I went into it expecting to be more horror & was disappointed when I wasn't scar…

    He was literally on an apology tour for not liking a movie.

    you're definitely right sister


    @dadustbunneh No I did not & that's what everyone was saying! My fault for not researching first 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Like, literally he was in crisis management mode because he didn't LOVE a movie.

    that's amazing, I feel the opposite but the amazing thing about opinions is that we all have our own & shouldn't at…

    But remember there was also that problem of how he revealed that he was texting throughout the movie, and said that EVERYONE does it. Someone decided to find out the truth and tweeted this:

    RT if you have literally never texted or tweeted while watching a movie in a theatre.

    As of now it has over 30 thousand retweets. Lol.

    BUT THAT'S NOT EVEN THE END OF IT. James Charles then decided to upload an actual apology video titled "to address all drama regarding my comments on the It movie." He recorded it while he was in an Uber. It is truly remarkable and I beg you to watch it.

    to address all drama regarding my comments on the "IT" movie

    Meanwhile, if you're wondering wtf the Uber driver was thinking while his passenger was recording an apology video for not like the movie It, this is the answer to that:

    @shanedawson he asked & I said "I'm getting attacked online because I tweeted during a movie that I didn't like it"…

    But anyway, back to the tweet where James was confronted with the truth that maybe most people don't text during a movie. He replied with one of my favorite comebacks of all time!

    do you want a cookie or something

    Personally, *I* do want a cookie. But Idk about the tweeter.

    Anyway, four days after people eviscerated him online for basically everything/nothing, it seems that best/worst internet drama ever has come to an end.

    James tweeted this morning saying this:

    can people please shut up about using your phone during a movie? there are more important things to worry about like, idk, the world ending

    True. G'bye!