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    This Girl Is Raising 108,750 Tadpoles That Will Become Frogs, And I'm Both Impressed And Slightly Uncomfortable

    So. Many. Frogs.

    There is a TikTok account that has captivated me. It's called and yes, that's correct, it's about baby frogs. I stumbled upon it on my FYP, and now I'm invested in the journey of these THOUSANDSSSSS of tadpoles being raised this year.

    how many do you think there is? This will definitely become a powerful frog army 🐸Link in bio to get a tadpole kit ❤️ #frogspawn #fyp #nature

    ♬ Wellerman - Sea Shanty - Nathan Evans

    But I'm also learning about the journey from frog egg to frog, and it is WILD.

    The eggs look like little bobas stuck together. It makes me feel a little uneasy, but it's also fascinating. All of those black dots are gonna be frogs.

    Jar of boba? Chia seeds? Orbeez? Nah, it’s frog eggs 🐸🥰 you just love this noise don’t you? #fyp #frogspawn

    ♬ original sound - Baby Frogs

    It's like jelly. I'm freaking out.

    I’ve only counted around 10% of all these frog eggs so far 🐸 what’s your best guess? #fyp #frogspawn #nature

    ♬ original sound - Baby Frogs

    And this year, there are 108,750 FROG EGGS. That's so many frogs-to-be.

    You won’t believe how many tadpoles will be in this pool. Wait for the number!! 🤯 That’s a powerful frog army. 🐸 #fyp #frogspawn #nature

    ♬ Bluewerks, tysu – In The Meadow - Bluewerks

    And then, after being little bubbles of eggs, they become tadpoles. Which is classic frog growth.

    would you like to name one of the 108,750 tadpoles? 🥰 these are NOT axolotls or salamanders.... #fyp #tadpoles #frogspawn

    ♬ original sound - Baby Frogs

    Look at them.

    The sheer volume of frogs is overwhelming to me.

    108,750 tiny tadpoles. Can’t believe they’re not actually black🤩 order your own tadpole kit made by me ❤️ link in bio. #tadpoles #frogspawn #nature

    ♬ original sound - Baby Frogs

    I feel kind of faint, to be honest.

    And while all frog journeys are different, in this one, they are growing up in a giant pool. And I love that for them.

    Wait for the end... it’s not a threat... i promise. Or is it? 😊 #frogarmy #tadpoles #pool #nature #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Baby Frogs

    However, I do not know if I'll be able to watch anyone swimming with them. I don't think I can handle that.

    will I do it? should I do it? I can’t believe you guys want me to actually do it... I will #frogarmy #tadpoles #pool #nature #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Baby Frogs

    But I will continue to follow these tadpoles for as long as their lives are shared with us.