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    A Definitive Ranking Of Pitbull's Dance Moves

    More like Mr. Worlddancer.

    23. The Around The World Fist Pump

    This one is claaaaaaassic Pitbull. Not a day goes by when he doesn't wake up and start fist pumping.

    22. The Jump And Shake

    Great technique here (when doesn't he have great technique though?)

    21. The Pump Up

    Everyone, get your hands up because Pitbull is going to dance and it's going to be amazing.

    20. The Twirl and Swirl

    Those elbow patches, his swift rhythm. It's hard not to feel entranced by his moves.

    19. The Classic Salsa

    Nothing like a good ol' salsa to get the party started. Look at those suit pants move.

    18. The Drowning Cat

    So maybe it looks like he's trying to stay alive in an angry sea, but that's because there's so much energy. ENERGY PEOPLE. Energy.

    17. The Genie Bottle Rub

    Look at him rub that beautiful bald head and send those sweat beads to outerspace.

    16. The Chicken Pounder


    15. The Grindaround

    It's a level above the normal grind because he's spinning while he does it. A miraculous feat.

    14. The Murderer

    He's plotting something... and that thing is the next greatest song on the charts.

    13. The Pitwich

    With hot girl bread.

    12. The Mambo Thrust

    It's like the salsa but with a little spicy surprise thrust thrown in there at the end.

    11. The SlowTHENFAST Jiggle Wiggle

    The jiggle wiggle starts off slow... then gets really fast. It's self-explanatory.

    10. The Invisible Turntable

    Oh yeah, make that hand circle like that.

    9. The Air Guitar

    It's like he's actually playing a guitar. So convincing.

    8. The Dump Bump

    Back dat ass up, amirite?

    7. The Double Time Bang

    His pelvic region is like a machine gun.

    6. The Intense Grind

    This isn't any old thrusting motion. He's literally grabbing the air here and everyone is getting hot and bothered.

    5. The Reverse Drop It Low

    His butt literally defies gravity in this move because instead of going down, it goes UP. Like the movie with the old man and the balloons. It's mesmerizing.

    4. The Shirtless Jive

    With bonus tiny shorts!

    3. The Toilet Bowl

    Also known as the squat clap. This is what happens when you want to use a public bathroom but you don't want to touch the seat. So you lower yourself, and then the deed is done and you can't help but applaud the strength of your legs. DALE!

    2. The Seductive Thrust

    He's got it.

    And finally...

    1. The Unsuspected Bulge Grab

    You didn't see it coming, I didn't see it coming, and no psychic in the world saw that one coming. And that's Pitbull for you, surpising you at every corner.