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    A Definitive Ranking Of Pitbull's Dance Moves

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    23. The Around The World Fist Pump

    22. The Jump And Shake

    21. The Pump Up

    20. The Twirl and Swirl

    19. The Classic Salsa

    18. The Drowning Cat

    17. The Genie Bottle Rub

    16. The Chicken Pounder

    15. The Grindaround

    14. The Murderer

    13. The Pitwich

    12. The Mambo Thrust

    11. The SlowTHENFAST Jiggle Wiggle

    10. The Invisible Turntable

    9. The Air Guitar

    8. The Dump Bump

    7. The Double Time Bang

    6. The Intense Grind

    5. The Reverse Drop It Low

    4. The Shirtless Jive

    3. The Toilet Bowl

    2. The Seductive Thrust

    And finally...

    1. The Unsuspected Bulge Grab